When He Remembered


This delightful book is the latest in the series, This will be available soon.You can order this book in advance.

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Kanika Gupta is vacationing in Calangute with her fiance, Rohit Arora, when he suddenly is found dead in his hotel room, under mysterious circumstances

And to investigate, along with Calangute Police Chief Fonzi Consuegra, turns up CID Senior Inspector Arjun Rathore, who also happens to be holidaying in Goa.

Turns out Arjun is Kanika’s ex lover, and they parted on not so good terms, nearly a decade ago.

Even as something seems to be rekindling between the two lovers, Arjun finds out that Rohit wasn’t who he seemed to be.  And that behind his death, lie a bunch of terrifying secrets.


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