The Dad Of Conspiracy Theories


This delightful book is the latest in the series, This will be available soon.

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There are people, who feel safe by believing what the media says or what the teachers preach.

And then there is you – a person who has a distinct and unique ‘stand’ on various issues. This book is for individual thinkers. It’s for the people who question textbooks, challenges the history or debates with the system. Not for those who go with the flow.

World Wars were fought for many reasons. Reasons are not clearly told through reports. Countries, be it India or Pakistan – got freedom via various procedures, those which we never got to know. The politics behind the wars, the wars behind the religions, the religions behind the benefits – there are many unknown or un-discussed topics around us.

The book introspects, through a conversation between a dad and his son, several aspects travelling through the past and also the future. Not considering happenings as ‘mysteries’ but just attempting to provide ‘clarifications’ supported by logical and unbiased thinking.

The whole book has no description. Each chapter is loaded with conversations.

Come, cherish it. Question the Conspiracy Theories. And, if you have topics which are untouched in the chapters here, suggest them for the second part of this book!

This is not only for the intelligent, but for the intellectual reader.



Amlan Bhattacharya – writes for the youth. His writings are more of non-fiction, and yes, unorthodox in nature. A realist, who blends imagination, to discuss reality – with his readers.

Professionally, he is a trainer and also an academician. He is invited at institutes, corporate houses, learning forums and events – as guest speaker. He has also delivered teacher-trainings in schools, colleges as well as universities.

Lateral thinking, controversial debates, unconventional methodology of teaching – are things that define him.

His followers love listening to him. And the rest want to argue with him. That’s the author!


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