Soulmates Since Teen

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This delightful book is the latest in the series, This will be available soon.You can order this book in advance with discount price.

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About the Book :

Vibha hails from Banaras to Kanpur and replaces cricket in Sachin’s life. A good friendship between the neighbours takes the shape of love as Sachin fails to replace cricket with Vibha when she goes on a vacation. The unusual age difference compels Vibha to take a step back but Friendship Day and birthday celebrations continue to bring them closer despite Vibha’s rejection. Just after one random conversation, things get complicated and set them apart before Vibha leaves the city to pursue post-graduation. What will happen when Deepti will enter Sachin’s life? Will the momentum of college life and Deepti’s love overtake Sachin’s feelings for Vibha? Will Vibha regret her decisions for life or an angel will enlighten her path someday?

About the Author :

Shivam Vinayak, a young, dynamic and enthusiastic poet, author and songwriter, comes from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He is writing from a very early age of 12 and believes that he was born to do the same. Though he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, but his passion and dedication towards writing compelled him to choose writing over engineering and now he announces his arrival in the literary world with his debut novel “Soulmates Since Teens.” Writing effectively in Hindi, English, Urdu & Punjabi, Shivam aims to positively transform younger generation’s mindset towards love and life.  His journey since graduation has not been easy as a writer as he quotes, “Every dream coming true begins its journey with a revolution.”


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