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About the book:

One rainy morning in July 2011, Selena Rocha wakes up to find her carefully woven, quiet life flipped over – the past she had buried a decade ago reappears as two men. She must choose between calm lies and destructive truths, to protect her twelve-year-old twins, Nayna and Ruby, from both.

Neil Shaw returns after a lifetime of fleeing from himself, to redeem what he foolishly lost to his naivety. But it demands something close to fatal, not just love and regret, from him.

Ten years behind bars, Dr. Vincent Gomez has to forgive one person now – himself. And there is only one way to do it, which is but the beginning of a bigger question.

A coming-of-age tale of three girls who entered Goa Medical College in 1997, Sandcastles subtly interlaces the sensitive and strong layers of family, friendship and love with the resurgent strength of women, affirming that forgiveness and acceptance are the ultimate forms of love.


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