Marriage Of Convenience


This delightful book is the latest in the series.

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When I first started writing the book, the idea behind it was all around me through individuals of the community who still stay behind closeted doors. I would like to thank them for letting me understand broader issues.

I would like to thank the LGBTQIA+ Community of India for keeping the struggle alive. I would like to thank my comrades who helped me understand that the fight isn’t over yet.

Special thanks to Mr. Devbrat and Turquoise Publishers for guiding me through my journey of writing this book. Thanks to my editor, Miss Mousumi for editing this piece and to Mr. Amal Pushparaj for the graphics and layout designing of the cover.

Thanks to my mother and my sister Kriti Mehra for supporting me throughout the journey.

This book is dedicated to all the souls who are still fighting for acceptance, within their families, their villages, cities, etc. Thank you for inspiring me and my work.



Meghna completed her bachelor’s degree in political science from University of Delhi. She is the first asexual student leader of India.

She is the founder of All India Queer Association.

Pursuing a PG diploma in Gender Studies from IGNOU, Meghna understands how gender discrimination works in the social, political and economic parts of life.

Born and brought up in Delhi, she understands how issues of LGBTQIA+ Community and women exist in metropolitan cities and in university campuses.

The book, Marriage of Convenience got its name from her experiences of people getting secretly married or hiding their relationships because of criminalization of homosexuality in India. The decriminalization is a first step towards a bigger movement but homophobia and A-phobia still remains prevalent in both rural and urban India across classes and groups.


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