From autumn to spring


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Spring has always been the marvelous part of human life. The season brings hope at the place of despair and gloom. Nascent and vibrant colors invade the scenic ambiance of earth. The beauty of nature reflects and echoes for beloved’s love. This is the beckoning of maturity where bunches of flowers are actually a collection of tiny and sparkling buds.This anthology can be described as the interpreting of colors of those sparkling buds which will marvel the entire world with it. As it comes for realism; every poet has a his own definition of it. Some see it as the routine in daily life while some find an incident so interesting that they go on describing it with all perspective. There; is the beginning of the imagination of poetry. These 23 poets have effectively drawn the picture of ‘Autumn To Spring’ with their mesmerizing poems. Read it, keep it and cherish it.

The collection of poetry written by  following poets :

  1. Nancy Jain 7-9
  2. Sakshi Rai 10-15
  3. Saumya Srivastava 16-17
  4. Prashasti Srivastava 18-20
  5. Vidhi Bhatiya 21-23
  6. Vidhi Jain 24-27
  7. Sumit Chaudhary 28-32
  8. Tanvi Khurana 33-35
  9. Shubhrojyoti Maity 36-42
  10. Booma Balan 43-45
  11. Neha Parveen 46-48
  12. Mayank Mishra 49-51
  13. Shivani Sarat 52-56
  14. Akanksha Patra 57-62
  15. Ariza Jamil 63-67
  16. Pranjali Gupta 68-70
  17. Aashna Sharma 71-76
  18. Anupreeta Chatterjee 77-79
  19. Eshwarya Khanna 80-84
  20. Ankita Jain 85-88
  21. Dishika Trivedi 89-92
  22. Ruchika Dubey 93-103
  23. Vartika Tripathi 104-110


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