Beyond Expectations


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Beyond Expectations ( A journey to self )

Kritika is a girl who is caught between the inner turmoil and the expectations of the outer world. She wants to lead a modern lifestyle and wants to become a Traveller Photographer but her authoritarian father resists her fulfilling her dreams and desires. She meets Rohan in public library and falls in love with him. Rohan is from another community who will not be accepted by her father but she decides to get her father agreed after declaration of her final results as she always remains topper. She gets outstanding score and is very excited to meet Rohan as it’s going to be a remarkable day of their life but things get turn over head. She sees an accident on her way and it’s Rohan who meets with an accident and loses his life on the spot. Kritika gets dumb stuck at the sight of his dead body. She loses interest in life and slips into severe depression followed by an ailment Epilepsy due to over stress. Then Kabir comes in her life who helps her getting her dreams and desires come true and teaches her art of living. He helps her becoming a travel photographer too and takes her to expedition for the same. She starts getting normal and their wedding day comes nearer. She comes from an expedition of ten days very excited as she and Kabir are going to tie a wedding knot.When she arrives, her brother discloses that Kabir has Cancer in its last stages. Her parents get scared as they think that she will slip into the same state again but this time she gets firm and doesn’t forget life lessons what Kabir has taught her. She is a changed Kritika now. She says goodbye to Kabir’s soul peacefully and gets back to her normal life. She is ageing by the time and no one wants to get married with her as they think her as unlucky. She goes to her professional tour organized by her company. When she takes her seat in the plane, Akshay comes and proposes her for marriage. He discloses that he has been following her since their first professional trip when she was with Kabir. Akshay was also a member of that expedition and he is also a travel photographer though he is two years younger to her. Finally she meets her soulmate in an amazing way. They get married after the trip and live happily ever after.


After ten years

Kritika and Akshay are leading their married life happily. They are blessed with boy-twins who are named as Rohan and Kabir.



Neetu Khatri Kajal is a full time mentor in English and a writer by passion. Her debut novel Immortal Love is still winning readers’ heart. Beyond Expectations is her second novel intended to bring a behavioral change in today’s generation. She has been recently selected as one of the Top Hundred Debut Indian Authors by Literatureslight and Critic Space Journals. She is an avid blogger on and She is a passionate traveler whose travel experiences are reflected through her write ups. She is an inquisitive reader who reads around 30 to 40 books in a year. Her writings include novels, poetry, articles, short stories, blogs etc. Her active social handles are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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