This is a non-profit writing project for writers and poets to get a continous publishing platform.

The spirit of this project is to publish the work of dedicated writers and poets in the books and avail them in the market.So that more and more of their writings can get published and go in the hands of the serious readers. There are many writers who are writing a lot on social media but now it’s  time to take out some into books. The writers who want a proper writing career and who are dedicated to writing are the life of this project and we are pledged to give them a publishing platform.

Project information

In this project we introduced different writing packages

  1. Poetry pack-(Hindi/English) 4000 rupees yearly subscription
  2. Short story pack – (Hindi/English) 6000 rupees yearly subscription

Under  this yearly subscription pack you will be published everymonth which means in 12 anthology books.
Everymonth anthology will be sent to you on your address for free, so that you can read what your fellow writers in the project are writing. It will help you improve and learn more


For joining this project you need to subscribe your writing pack and you can also subscribe multiple packs to get published more.

Payment can also be done in installments(contact the project host for this)

Payment will be done only through direct account transfer.


Submission Details

There is no submission limit in this project, multiple entries are allowed.

No grammatical editing will be provided(your writings will be rejected on grammatical mistakes )

Only the selected entries will be published in the anthology and the rest ones will be saved by us for your future individual book.

Submission will be open every month’s 1st to 20th day.

Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions are subjected to change.

We will send a legal contract of services we promised in our project and if any person want to leave the project in between he need to give an undertaking that he is quiting the project and later he can’t claim for the services of the project.

Any drawback of the project will also be discussed with the subscribers to fix it and run the project smoothly.

LIT CULTURA is a good initiative to publish our writings.

Thanks to Turquoise Publication

Rishabh Pandey
Rishabh Pandey

I think that book is the perfect gift for all holidays. I would definitely recommend BookLovers to my family and friends.

Shubhi Khare