Introduction of Turquoise Publication

The idea of turquoise publication is also like a eruption which come in a poet’s mind. It is full of help, respect and for the welfare of budding writers and poets. And this is mainly because the founder of turquoise publication is also into writing. He saw the condition of the market and books are coming in market which contain the work of writers and poets but don’t get that much readers. And the reasons behind it are very clear but for that we need to think like a reader who give money to buy a book. And when a reader doesn’t feel like buying a book it is more harmful for a writer who is not getting readers after getting published. Thus the idea of turquoise publication came and established by Mr. Devbrat Dubey. He is a law graduate(B.A.,LL.B) from Amity University and very much into writing. Well an introduction never ends until we end it.


The vision of turquoise publication is not completely different but quite different as we just don’t think about publishing people easily but also to make them learn and grow to give a literature to our coming generation.
And with this vision in mind we came up with a non-profit publishing project name ‘LIT CULTURA’. In this project we are providing budding writers and poets an easy and regular platform to get published.



This is a non-profit writing project for writers and poets to get a continous publishing platform.

The spirit of this project is to publish the work of dedicated writers and poets in the books and avail them in the market.So that more and more of their writings can get published and go in the hands of the serious readers. There are many writers who are writing a lot on social media but now it’s  time to take out some into books. The writers who want a proper writing career and who are dedicated to writing are the life of this project and we are pledged to give them a publishing platform.


Writers and readers,

I ‘Devbrat Dubey’ the fouder of turquoise publication promise you that our publication house will serve the literature at its best. We promise to give readers good books in reasonable rates. Turquoise publication will be one of the publication who will give platform to writers who deserve to get into the books and writers will not look for us we will look for the potential indian writers. We are pledged to make a better culture through literature and we will make every effort to give the recognition a writer is worthy of.